Do not buy XTRASIZE and VIMAX PILLS! They do not work, you better … my review and opinions on how to make your penis longer.

Today I have decided to talk about unusual topic – it is taboos at the same time both women and men make fun of it. What will I talk about? The enlargement of the penis…

Why have I decided to talk about this problem? First of all, because I tried to enlarge my penis for a long time and I have tested several methods which were available on the market and I wanted to give myself the possibility to enlarge my penis length and to not spend a large amount of money. In the end, I was able to enlarge my penis from 13 to 17.5 cm, but at first I followed a bad advice – I lost both time and money and my penis was not longer even by 1cm.

My today’s post will include something more than an introduction – there will be presented information such as why I have decided to enlarge my penis length, some theory about the size of the penis and information how the size of the penis is perceived by women. I will describe my experience with Vimax and Xtrasize and I will write why those two products do not work and in the end, I will write how I enlarge my penis length. Feel free to read.

Why was I unhappy with the size of my penis?


I will not charm, 13 cm is not a reason to be proud and in the best case you can say that it is a normal size, although the average length of penis is a little longer. In addition, I have watched too much porn to be happy with my gift from nature. Sex with my wife was very good for me, but it is merit of my wife who has assured me that in the bed everything is ok. Now I know that is was not fully.

What do women think about the size of the penis?


Gentlemen, I have bad news. The size matters and bigger can more. Although my wife swore that I should not worry about it, today when I compare it with the past, when my penis was only 13 cm long I do not have any doubts. She used to treated sex as an obligation and as a rule and sex used to start from my initiative. Today, she often drags me to the bed and even during the day when no one is at home. What is more, I have never heard that she screamed so loudly as now during orgasm (what aroused me by the way).

How to enlarge your penis length? Pills? Certainly NOT!

I started looking for information about penis enlargement products, but unfortunately most of the things that I found were advertisement materials of Vimax and Xtrasize and other supplements. In fact, there is no reliable information in Google, online forums and blogs. Unfortunately, I believed in the magic pills, I canned myself and I have bought firstly Vimax and later Xtrasize.


There is no need to go on about supplements like Vimax and Xtrasize, because the best proof that they do not work is that you probably only heard about them from people who are selling them. Think about it. If swallowing pills will enlarge your penis length, the creator of such a miracle would be the richest man in the world, the person would be presented on television and in the newspapers and the product would be widely known. If it is not and the two products are on the market for many years, it is a big bullshit and I warn you to not buying them.

The only positive thing that happened to me after taking these supplements is improvement of sexual performance. I was able to have sex longer and my penis becomes harder. Beside it, there were not any drastic changes and I think it could be a placebo effect. As soon as I stopped to take supplements, everything returned to the previous state.

How did I manage to enlarge my penis length?


I spent a lot of money on both supplements and I wanted to give up. Fortunately, I went to the doctor and I told him about my adventure with Vimax and Xtrasize and he confirmed what I have already knew that from a medical point of view these products do not have any right to work. He also said that the best method to enlarge the penis length is surgery which unfortunately costs $ 10 000. I was about to give up but he offered me a different way … exercise.

I was very skeptical, but he explained to me in the medical language which I do not understand that exercise actually provides positive results and there are a lot of evidences which prove that it is possible to stretch the penis in this way. So I asked why people who masturbate a lot, do not to observe an enlargement of the penis. He said that while masturbating men pressure on the head of the penis, and if we want to enlarge the penis we should stretch it, not press. What is more, frequent masturbating can even reduce the length of the penis or bend it but no more than 1-2 cm.

Unfortunately, I talked to a family doctor, who was not an expert in this field and he advised me to look for information on the Internet or consult the experts. I chose the first option and I found a set of stretching exercises, but there was a new problem. It was hard to do them in less than 20 minutes … and what is more, I should do them daily.


That is why I decided to choose another option and bought “Extender” – it is a device which stretches the penis. It was not cheap, but I spend on it a lot less than on Vimax and Xtrasize. I bought this model straight from the manufacturer and an indefinite gray box was at my place after 2 days.

How does the Extender work?

Extender is a device for stretching the penis. In contrast to the exercises, we stretch the penis only once and put it to the Extender following the instructions. I know it may sound scary but the device which I use has all necessary certificates and it is recommended by doctors. So if you use it according to the instructions it will not harm you.


Wearing the Extender is not the most pleasant at least at the beginning. You have to get used to wearing it. On the first day I would advise to read the instruction and wear it no more than 15 minutes and lie in bed or watch TV. In the following days you can wear it longer and start to move around the room. It is matters of a time to find out what can you do during wearing it.

Personally, I have worn it for about 4 hours a day during the work hours. The device is so small and discreet that no one can see them through the pants. I work at the computer so I had no problems with it. If someone works physically or move often, I would suggest wearing it after work. It should not happen anything wrong but a bit of caution would not do any harm.

On the market there are a lot of competitive products, but I would recommend first of all the product which I bought. I have seen that there are Chinese fakes which are cheaper but due to the fact that we are talking about our penises I would not dare to buy them. If you want to learn more about Extender, I invite you to producer’s website where you can order the device.


The manufacturer of the Extender has found my review and apparently he liked it much. That is why, if you go to his website using this link and when you order the product and type promo code “WORLD50”, you will save 30E! I think it is a pretty cool promotion.


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